Chandler Unloads on Tanner

Duration: 20:13 Views: 12K Submitted: 8 years ago
Description: Big-dicked Chandler's had his eye on Tanner's amazing ass for quite some time. I sometimes wonder if Chandler keeps a mental scorecard in his head of who he thinks can take his big cock … or if he just wants to stick in every hot guy's ass that he can! Tanner's really gotten into guy/guy action and the thought of taking on Chandler was a challenge he couldn't resist! Chandler dragged him by the tank top into the room and before you know it, Tanner's on his knees going down on Chandler's cock. Chandler pounds a big load out of Tanner, but Tanner's tight ass made Chandler cum buckets … all over Tanner's broad pecs!