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Nick - Solo

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Duration: 15min 01sec Views: 3 592 Submitted: 4 years ago Submitted by:
Description: I meet Nick at the beach surfing with his buddies Billy & Ryan. You guys will meet Billy and Ryan very soon; they are two more, hot surfer dudes. Anyway, Nick was undressing on the beach and removed his wet suit, and just got naked in front of me like he knew me forever. I asked him where I could rent surfboards and he gave me some options, then he and his Buddies invited me to a little party they were having at a local pub on the beach, where all of the surfer in hang out. We talked about doing some videos for me, and he (and his friends) were all up for it. Nick has this lean, surfer body and very hairy legs and ass, but I find that very sexy on a man. I love that Dragon tattoo he has on his waist too.