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Roger - Solo

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Duration: 13min 53sec Views: 6 020 Submitted: 4 years ago Submitted by:
Description: This is a cool story... In 2002 I saw this guy on a fitness magazine cover, a very hot young stud with the most amazing body. Four years later I ran in to him at a local bar, he was the bouncer and still hot as all hell. Knowing his cute/rough look and hot body would be great on film I asked if he would be interested in working with me. I told him i would pay him 3 times more then what he was paid @ the club for a solo shoot... he said no way. I really wanted this guy and so I asked him to think about it and give me a call if he changed his mind. Lucky for me, and for you, he called me the next day. We shot an amazing solo and then he disappeared and we never saw him again. Your going to love this... I know I did.