Personal Trainers #2 (2001)

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Description: Personal Trainers" Dano Sulik and Sebastian Bonnet have their hands full coaching eager applicants in the mechanics of giving and receiving pleasure in front of a video camera. And with such spectacular pupils as Matt Phillipe, Tim Hamilton, Danny Saradon and Ryan Pawlowski, the teachers can`t wait to come to class! Spontaneous and unrehearsed, the non-stop documentary-style action in the "Personal Trainers" series is incendiary. Matt Phillipe, Dano Sulik, Sebastian Bonnet, Danny Saradon, Tim Hamilton, Ryan Pawlowski George Duroy has certainly introduced us to a bevy of beauties from the Czech Republic and neighboring countries in the past decade, several of whom, such as Lukas Ridgeston and Johan Paulik, have gone on to instant superstardom. And his films, for the most part, are extremely hot and most of all exquisitely filmed, with longtime assistant Marty Stevens doing much of the camera work. pic Recently, Duroy's Bel Ami has put together a series of "training session" productions, wherein young men seeking to become porn models are put through their paces by two of Bel Ami's best sex animals, Dano Sulik and Sebastian Bonnet -- the latter of whom is officially billed as second-camera, when he isn't fucking the more than willing trainees. The first in this series was sensational. "Personal Trainers: Part 2," underscores two obvious statements of fact brought out in that first flick: No. 1, Dano Sulik is also a superstar, and could move on from Duroy's ensemble to become an explosive international presence in the hands of, say, a studio such as TITAN (that's how insatiable this man is). No. 2, Bel Ami may do very well to keep on with this series, because its candid atmosphere and willing subjects say more about how young men can enjoy sex with each other than most scripted videos can hope to achieve. This entry into the Bel Ami lexicon begins with the seduction of Matt Phillipe, a startlingly beautiful 19-year-old who bears a passing resemblance to a Hollywood actor with a similar surname. Already a graduate of an unfilmed session, Matt is back for his first turn before the camera with another guy (he was in Bel Ami's solo video "101 Men: Part 9" under the name Peter). He apparently discovered that his ass was an erogenous zone in his first training session, and Dano and Sebastian are not about to let such an opportunity pass them by. The sessions are simple. Dano warms the guy up, Sebastian moves in, the two of them pass the guy back and forth, there's double-sucking, fucking in many positions, and plenty of banter (brilliantly translated in subtitles, one of the pure joys of this series). Dano, who is beginning to look like Bel Ami's Ales Hanek (who became a star under William Higgins as Jirka Kalvoda) fools around with Matt on the couch, playfully rubbing the kid's crotch, rubbing his own enticingly, his manmeat showing hard through his silk shorts. Matt takes a sample of Dano's meat, and then all hell breaks loose. "Dano is the sorcerer of sex," director Marty Stevens says to Matt as Sulik takes Matt's nice long thin pecker down to the pubes. And, sorcerer he is, taking this apprentice to wide-eyed wonderment. Even after Sebastian comes into the scene (passing the camcorder back and forth to Dano as they take advantage of Matt alternately) -- it's Dano who drives the action. Though Sebastian is the first to fuck Matt, doggy-style on the couch, it's Dano who spins the kid out of control with a series of positions (he's the best sidesaddle fucker around), and speeds (he shifts from slow gear to overdrive as if his cock was a jackhammer). Dano may have sex five times a day, for all I know, but his passion for the act is so great that when he cums, it's always as if he is the reincarnation of Spindletop. He completely covers himself in cream in this one, before the other two cum on their own. And it's just a question of where you want to join in when it comes time to doing so yourself. Danny Sarandon and Tim Hamilton, childhood friends from a small Czech town, are next on the docket. They each debuted in Bel Ami's "Flings," with other partners. Indeed, Danny bottomed for Dano Sulik in a scorcher scene in that flick. This session features the friends before they made that movie, but it does not include Dano. That doesn't mean it's not worth a look -- in fact, it's worth a few, not only for the innocent way they come together on the screen for what may be their first fully exploratory sex session with each other, but also for how Sebastian Bonnet moves in on them and takes first Tim, then Danny, to new heights of pleasure. (One of the great things about these flicks is the looks of absolute pleasurable astonishment on the faces of these young men when they get sucked and power-fucked by slightly older guys who are real pros). Tim, a blond towhead who is a dead ringer for Randy Harrison (Justin in Showtime's "Queer as Folk") and Danny, a slim, somewhat exotic beauty, feign shyness at first, but then under the direction of both Marty and Sebastian, kiss and suck each other, until Tim offers up his lovely butt to Danny, missionary-style, on the couch. Then Sebastian moves in with his nine-inch rod straight as a flagpole in the wind, placing it in Tim's waiting mouth before promenading the blond through a complete repertoire of fucking positions -- missionary, sit, scissor and doggy -- on the couch. Danny, who does not bottom for his buddy, then comes along and bounces sit-fuck style on Sebastian's boner before the two friends go back with each other to end the session. Adorable in the beginning of the scene, these two are drooling ravenously with sex juice by the time they both cum. The last scene closely parallels in setting and style the closing scene in "Personal Trainers: Part 1," but the model, Ryan Pawlowski, is somewhat of a different duck than the usual Czech guy. With a tight swimmer's build and rock-ribbed abs, Ryan's bleach-streaked beach-boy locks are somewhat incongruous at first, but he overcomes that detached California-boy look once he climbs into bed with Dano. It is in this scene that Sulik goes wild, bringing both Ryan and Sebastian into fits of sexual frenzy with virtually every move he makes, every touch of his mouth and lips. Though Ryan is at first fascinated and then insatiable for Dano's cock, it is when Dano gives him a serious blowjob and then starts licking Ryan's balls, rubbing his tongue up and down from the sac to his pucker, that the scene comes alive. Ryan is so stunned into ecstasy that he can hardly move. In fact, the director has to tell him to move his hands over Dano. Soon Sebastian can take no more of this and brings his camcorder to bed, kneels over Dano's face and sticks his ever ready rod down his friend's throat as Ryan chows down on Sulik's sausage. The interplay between Dano and Sebastian in this scene makes it abundantly clear that these two have a strong physical attraction to each other, and that Dano simply cannot get enough of his beautiful friend's cock and body. Soon, however, they're reminded that the third party in the action, Ryan, has a nice, tight little butt ready to be fucked, and Dano goes back to work, big time, and in overdrive, sending the blond guy all over the bed in a wide variety of positions (one cross-legged scissor-fuck in particular stuns Ryan and sends him over the moon). For a "trainer," Sulik is anything but detached, and one of the other great touches here is the grunt sounds and deep breaths he leaves all over the soundtrack, before, during and after he cums, which in the last scene is copious once more, as are the splurges from his co-stars. "Personal Trainers: Part 2," like its predecessor, is one of those flicks you can watch over and over again, marveling at the sheer joy young men have in sex. With four very delicious trainees, a super-hung matinee idol in Sebastian Bonnet, and Dano Sulik (my personal nomination as Europe's prime fuck-toy candidate to break through the U.S. porn market as a bottom for the likes of Jason Branch or Patrick Knight or Chris Steele) this flick will make you wet your boxers in anticipation of the next one in the series.