Personal Trainers #5 (2002)

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Description: Marty Stevens invited five experienced models and a dozen trainees for a wild winter weekend of sex. On a cold, snowy day they arrived at a small mountain hotel and paired off for their training sessions. Out of eight episodes Marty shot, we selected five of the best, including the double-training of two brothers, Roman and Sascha Chaykin, and a training for an everything-goes, no-holes-barred orgy. The cinema vérité filming recorded every moment of the exhuberance and high spirits of the Bel Ami boys. Robbie Martin, Julian Armanis, Roman Chaykin, Sascha Chaykin, Sebastian Bonnet, Dano Sulik, Yves Carradine, Jeff Daniels, Brandon Manilow, Tommy Hansen, Antonin Devos, Gino Celantino, Oliver Krist Two brothers broken in at the same time! This episode marks the long-awaited action debut of the two brothers Roman Chaykin and Sascha Chaykin. The brothers are best friends and do everything together, including their training session. They were lucky enough to be broken-in by Dano Sulik and Sebastian Bonnet. pic Robbie Martin is the first trainee, and he is a handsome, if more swarthy, clone of Bel Ami stars Johan Paulik and Julian Armanis (who happens to be his trainer). In the preliminary interview, Julian notes that he selected Robbie as his trainee -- "the rest are nothing," he smiles (please fill my Christmas stocking with some of those "nothings," Julian.) We are introduced to their sex scene as the boys are naked and hard in bed covered in red linens to match the walls. Both are tanned, hung and hard, and after some horseplay and banter with cameraman Marty Stevens, Julian teaches Robbie how to kiss and grope, which just makes Robbie's fat, long cock harder and more tempting, so Julian spends some time demonstrating the fine art of cocksucking. After getting the "hang" of it, Robbie shows some of his own oral technique, and it is impressive, as he tries to take as much of Julian's monster rod as he can (no Czech-boy tippy-tip stuff here). They enjoy a multi-positioned 69 session before engaging in some more horseplay, before Julian greases up his fingers for a probing session of what is a succulent, hairy hole. After the warm-up, Julian gets Robbie in a sidesaddle-fuck, and appears to genuinely drive the guy over the edge of ecstasy. After a break in which they seem to admit they've done this several times before with each other, Julian fucks Robbie missionary-style, holding Robbie by the ankles as they continue one of the more romantic episodes in this series, concluding in a side-by-side jerk-off while kissing to fade-out Genuine brothers Roman and Sascha, who could pass for twins, discuss their sex plans and attributes in their interview -- they obviously know what they are going to do, but never have done a three-way or other multiple before. When asked to describe their cocks, Sascha says his is like a vulture (curved down) and Roman's is like a hook (curved up). Damn it if they aren't, and that's how you wind up telling them apart when naked, finally, in bed with the champion trainers, Dano Sulik and Sebastian Bonnet. The brothers are handsome, somewhat toothy, but hot-bodied guys who begin the festivities by sucking each of their trainers separately -- and they do a very professional job of kissing, licking and tonguing, even going deep on Dano and Sebastian before the trainers take their turns sucking the fraternal jewels which leads to a 69 session in which Dano and Sebastian go into frenzies of sucking fervor. These guys have turned their trainers on! But they know how to return the favor -- a side-by-side sit-fuck with Sascha and Roman riding cocks as all four face the camera in a pumping frenzy. Dano switches to a doggy-fuck and Sebastian to a sidesaddle, but soon there are missionary- and sidesaddle-fucks all over the bed with loud moans and groans from all four. Dano and Sebastian even finger-fuck each other while they are fucking the brothers. Roman, who tells Marty that he loves getting fucked, wants both trainers up his ass -- so he sits back to face on Sebastian, reclines, and invites Dano to slide in, too. Doesn't work too well, but when Roman switches to facing Sebastian, the double-penetration is sensational, with Sascha jerking his brother off. The two trainers then get on their backs, balls to balls, and slip on condom over both their cocks as Roman sits right down and goes for a ride. Dano then mounts Sascha doggy-style while Roman fucks Dano before all four are side by side and jerk off to a stunning climax, Dano Sulik leading the way as usual in distance and just plain noise, and Sebastian spurting at least eight loads. The brothers shoot good sizes as well to end the scene. Cute and very tall puppy-faced Yves Carradine (who looks a little like Bel Ami's Claude Cocteau) has the semi-raver Jeff Daniels as his trainer, but the set-up is that they want to be alone -- but Marty won't let them. He comes in on them jerking off together, and soon we have a nice little romantic fling with Yves worshipping Jeff's body, cock and balls before Jeff does the same to him. The conversation with Marty reveals that Yves is a real cockhound and that he would love to be fucked by as many boys as possible at one time, so Jeff prepares him by taking him sidesaddle and missionary in a rough, but oddly romantic, fuck. Julian Armanis returns with the rubber-faced power-plug Tommy Hansen (cover boy) and lanky dark-haired Brandon Manilow, two probable boyfriends Julian picked up hitchhiking the night before, and wound up fucking. The three engage in an extremely intensive, and yet playful, scene which features a lot of kissing and cocksucking, interspersed with some funny dialogue. Then Julian takes Tommy and throws him on his back and fucks him missionary while Brandon sticks his large, straight dong in his friend's willing mouth, and they maintain those locations while in sidesaddle position, then switch with Brandon fucking as Tommy and Julian kiss, Tommy jerking Julian's monster dick all the time. "You want to say something?" Julian whispers. "You're the best," whispers Tommy. "What about him?" Julian asks referring to Brandon, and Tommy just smiles as he dives for Julian's cock. The usual jerk-off ends a ribald, but at the same time, intimate, scene. The orgy scene is one of those things that is so tough to describe. One or two new faces, including the great monkey-faced cutie Oliver Krist, show up with the rest of the cast to horse around, suck and fuck. Although all the guys are sex fiends, it's clear that the brothers Roman and Sascha as well as Tommy and Yves are insatiable bottoms. These guys just pile it on to end a movie in a long scene that is like ice cream on top of a double-decker strawberry shortcake. But, then again, sometimes too much of a good thing is a wonderful thing to endure.