Personal Trainers #10 (2007)

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Description: It’s been two years since the last edition of the very popular Personal Trainers series came out. Finally, with the release of Personal Trainers 10, the series returns with a bang introducing not only new apprentices, but new trainers as well. Four training episodes showcase the up-and-coming talent that will bedazzle viewers in future feature films. Sebastian Bonnet, the ultimate trainer from the previous editions, returns, but this time behind the camera, except for one very lucky trainee. Even a former trainee returns, Josh Elliot, inheriting Sebastian’s enviable position of training future Bel Ami models. Jean-Claude Duvall, Josh Elliot, Todd Rosset, Dolph Lambert, Luke Hamill, Keanu Faria, Sebastian Bonnet, Jason Knightley, Jim Henson Josh Elliot and Todd Rosset are the designated trainers for the first episode. It falls to Luke Hamill, though, to prepare Jean-Claude Duvall for his … ah, close-ups. Standing bent over in a shower stall holding his cheeks apart and with his low-hanging ball sack swinging in the breeze, Jean-Claude’s hairy butt crack is shaved clean as a whistle by Luke’s expert handling of an electric razor. Meanwhile, as the newbie is having the most personal part of his anatomy embarrassingly fussed over, Sebastian Bonnet, the director/cameraman for this session, and his trainers are discussing what they’re going to do to get Jean-Claude up to speed of what’s required of a Bel Ami model. After some small talk a “rapid de-clothing and erection” takes place as Josh gets down to serious business. Josh is full of enthusiasm and itching to get started, an eagerness which is equally matched by Sebastian who had earlier, while filming Jean-Claude’s defoliation in the shower, fingered the freshly exposed rosebud. No doubt overwhelmed by what he was filming. Having been over five years since Josh received his instruction from Sebastian in Personal Trainers 4, their mutual zeal and passion for sex hasn’t abated one iota. While continuing to be exuberant and jocular with Sebastian, Josh puts the hesitantly shy Jean-Claude through his how-to-suck-a-cock paces, including the ever popular sixty-nine position. But there’s a surprise in store for Jean-Claude. He’s going to be given the deluxe training package—meaning, he’s going to experience the delight of being the top with the “modest and unassuming” Todd who makes his belated appearance. As his rear-end pleases Jean-Claude, Todd pleases Josh at the same time with his mouth. The boys morph from one position to another as they frolic on the canopied, pillow-strewn bed before Todd shoots his wad even while Jean-Claude is still happily pumping away at his nethers. But alas! Jean-Claude’s training must include more than the pleasure of penetrating others. Being penetrated is just as important and Josh is determined to put his ward through a rigorous training regimen in this vital aspect of boy-on-boy sex. In fact, as Sebastian films beneath their gyrating undercarriages, Josh, being overly sensitized by the feel of Jean-Claude’s tight pucker hole, accidentally hits the camera. No damage done, though, as Josh finishes his training exercise with a big splash of jizz. The next training episode begins with Dolph Lambert helping out Luke Hamill as they ready the living room of the nicely decorated apartment for filming. Luke is having a hard time trying to keep his low-slung jeans from sliding off his snake-hipped body as he moves the furniture about the room. “That’s why I have to be erect all the time,” quips the smiling Luke. With everything in place and ready for action Luke scurries off to the bathroom to shave his beard. Johan Paulik’s camera and rapier wit greets him, advising Luke to shave his palms as well for “if you jerk-off, you’ll have hairy hands.” With face—and palms—as smooth as a baby’s behind, Luke proceeds to the workbench, i.e. sofa, where the six-foot, two-inch Dolph is waiting for his first lesson. Dolph’s height alone commands attention wherever he goes, but with blond hair, bluish green eyes and “naughty red lips,” along with possessing a friendly, easygoing personality, this beautiful Adonis is going to attract many a hungry fox, i.e. Brandon Manilow et al, when they’re let loose in the chicken coop. He’s so pleasantly sweet and nice he compliments his sex partner’s nipple-kissing technique and enjoys seeing his pecker disappear deep inside Luke’s mouth, right down to the bushy base. Next, after pulling one of Dolph’s pubic hairs from his mouth, Luke falls backward on the sofa cushions and pulls his legs way back, inviting Dolph to lick and finger his rosebud for all it’s worth. Seeing the expression on Luke’s face as Dolph licks away … well, it’s worth a whole lot. Both boys have a lot of fun together. Everyone watching will admire their youthful innocence as their sexual desires bloom with gusto, right up to the end when Luke takes Dolph’s willy in hand and rigorously pumps it until the inner essence from deep down in Dolph’s balls spurts forth. Being thoroughly spent, Dolph melts into Luke’s warm embrace like a purring kitten as the scene fades to black. Ah! Surprise, surprise! The scene doesn’t end there after all. It’s a false ending. The camera fades back on a close-up of the adorably cute and expressive face of Luke who says he’s been locked out of the shower by Dolph. While waiting, Luke and Sebastian have an amusingly witty repartee concerning their intimate experiences together, making viewers feel as voyeurs, as though overhearing private tittle-tattle between lovers. Watching Luke’s twinkling eyes and animated face as he talks, easily shows why many fall head over heels in love with him. This small video snippet is not to be missed. “Do not be fooled by this guy’s boy-next-door good looks. Inexperienced as he may seem, he earned his diploma from Bel Ami’s School of Porn for the Young and Hung with flying colors.” Who could engender such a ringing endorsement as this? Who could possibly bring Sebastian out of retirement to train yet another newbie after having already earned his laurels? One look at Keanu Faria will immediately answer those questions. Keanu is such a cute and sweet-looking lad, with a slight hint of mischievousness in his eyes. It would be hard for anyone, other than a coldhearted rogue, not to fall in love with this boy at first sight. Johan is virtually as giddy as a schoolgirl while interviewing him, but when Sebastian enters the room and joins Keanu on the sofa … well, Sebastian goes absolutely bonkers, unable to keep his eyes and hands off this sensual sphinx. Sebastian is totally smitten and has a very strong fixation on this adorable little imp. When Keanu returns from the shower, the training begins in earnest. Keanu is treated to a rim job of his hairy crack as Sebastian lustily licks and finger jabs his partner’s rosebud. Keanu is a handful, though, as Sebastian quickly finds out for he must stop to regain control and marshal his energy towards fulfilling Keanu’s and our expectations. Keanu appears duly impressed as the training session comes to an end with Sebastian beating him off. A trainee of this caliber who can stoke a trainer’s libido to such heights comes along only once in a blue moon. There’s no doubt Sebastian was more than happy to come out of retirement to take advantage of this blue moon. Sebastian, once again ensconced behind the camera, finds his trainers, Josh Elliot and Luke Hamill, sitting in bed with a couple of trainees, the dark-haired, congenial Jason Knightley and the blond-haired, shy Jim Henson. After a lot of back-and-forth banter about last night’s clubbing and what Josh and Luke are going to do with these recruits, Sebastian finally gets his crew out of their clothing and puts them to work sucking dick. Josh in his tight red boxers and Luke in his orange undies make for a handsome pair of physically beautiful professors any apprentice would love to learn from in their sexual education studies. Just gazing upon Josh standing naked with his slender shanks reflected in the mirror, as Jason sucks his pecker, is to revel in a picture of pure joy. After teaching their charges the artful method of sucking a man’s cock, the trainers leave the room. Left to their own devices Jason and Jim start to boink each other in quick order before Josh and Luke return to share with them the finely honed techniques of how to show pizzazz and energy while boinking. After all, it should be a stimulatingly satisfying experience rather than boringly taking care of business. Afterwards, as Josh and Luke scamper off to the showers, the novices, left behind on the bed with big smiles on their faces, seem to have thoroughly enjoyed their learning experience in the art of boy-on-boy sex from those frisky professionals. No doubt everyone watching took a plenitude of notes as well. With the likes of this current bunch of recruits, especially Dolph, Keanu and Jason, the future looks bright indeed for Bel Ami fans. This revived series of training videos has gained new sparkle as well with Josh and Luke taking over the responsibilities of teaching new apprentices. Their youthful vigor and playful, fun-loving personalities will surely guarantee that future episodes will be as entertaining as is the current crop. Personal Trainers 10 has brought back the feel and look of the earlier episodes of this series when it was new and groundbreaking. Behind-the-scenes activity, including the easy banter between cameramen, trainers and trainees, gives each episode the feel of reality, riveting the viewers’ attention and interest to each scene even more. Training newbies in the skills of performing sex enjoyably for the camera is important, but observing their personalities while interacting with everyone in the room is just as vital, even while getting ready for their … close-ups. Here’s wishing these training episodes will continue to be as enjoyable to watch as the participants seem to enjoy doing.