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Frat Pack - Scene 5

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Duration: 11min 46sec Views: 3 881 Submitted: 4 years ago Submitted by:
Description: Three horned-up students – lead by the ever-fresh Julien Breeze – are in the mood for a bit of fun in the classroom, commencing with a brief artistic romp that sees Breeze wielding a cane, and Carvin Raw and Dillon Day striking some stunning poses. Needless to say it’s no time at all before the trio is stripped to the waist and ready for action; beginning with Day dropping to his knees and taking a very tasty slurp on the thick, meaty cocks of both his pals. In return, Raw and Breeze then return the compliment – literally fighting over Day’s nicely trimmed joystick, before bundling the fellow over a desk so that Raw can carry on demonstrating his fellatio skills whilst Breeze thrusts his dick down Day’s throat! Given his reputation as a porn legend, however, it’s perhaps not too surprising that the final minutes of this short but very intense escapade centre very much on Breeze; with his two co-stars finally pushing him down onto the desk in Day’s place. All of which soon leads to a point where there isn’t a cock in the room that’s not literally ready to yield its sticky goodness; commencing with the absolutely fantastic sight of Raw and Day simultaneously spraying the entire contents of their balls all over Breeze’s handsome face. Given the near perfect timing of the explosions, you’d almost be forgiven for thinking that this pair of young fuckers could cum to order; and it’s no surprise at all that Breeze is soon wanking his gorgeous, up-turned shaft to a sticky climax across the floor in response. Leaving our beautiful, blond hero very fittingly caked in a flood of jizz!