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Antony Lorca - Solo

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Duration: 16min 23sec Views: 12 570 Submitted: 4 years ago Submitted by:
Description: Metamorphosis- it’s not just for Kafka and Cockroaches, but for Beautiful Bel Ami models too. Over the next few years you will get to see Anthony Lorca transform from a slightly chubby model with a front-tooth problem to the suave epitome of elegance and seductiveness. His transformation was not just as a model but as a person. The reason we have a three-year supply of scenes with Antony is due to his being in law school during his filming. We felt the attention from releasing these scenes would adversely affect his studies. During those three years, not only did he graduate from law school, but he managed to learn near-fluent English and start his own little successful I.T. business and he is still an active model! His growth as a person is reflected by his height as he is our tallest model- a full two inches taller than Helmut and Jerome.