Franco & Sky - Serviced

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Description: Well, I wanted to wait a bit and let Sky's pubes grow out, but I had Franco in town, and I knew with their lean bodies and matching tatts, they would look great together. Franco has decided that he is at least Bi. When he talked to Sky, who is also Bi, he kind of realized that he didn't have to be gay or straight, and he admitted to Sky that he really did like to get fucked. That he could actually like sex with both guys and girls. Sky agreed with him, and that his favorite was sucking cock and eating cum. Which is a good thing, because cum was on the menu that day! They both started by stroking their cocks while facing each other. Both guys eyeballed the other dude's cock. They slide closer and jerk their cocks together. Sky was all about sucking dick, so he dives down on Franco's cock first. Dude has got some decent cock-sucking skills! Franco sucks him back, and I have to admit Franco has really learned how to please his buddy. Next, Franco straddles Sky's face and fucks his mouth. Sky strokes his own dick, while choking on it. He then dives into Franco's ass and rims his hole. Sky was totally down for Franco to cum in his mouth, so he slides to floor and Franco fills his mouth up! With cum dripping from his mouth, he gets up on the couch and shoot down Franco's body. Franco, always wanting to get multiple loads, bust his second nut after Sky coats his body with his load!