Tom Pounds Kenny's Ass

Duration: 20:43 Views: 7.4K Submitted: 7 years ago
Description: Watching this video you can see how badly the two friends were looking to get off. Knowing how aggressive and one-of-a-kind top Tom is, Kenny was happy to bottom. Kenny gives Tom all the control and Tom takes it (and Kenny’s ass) completely! Along with foot play, we see Tom do what he does best as he dominates Kenny in almost every way possible. He puts his foot on his face to hold him down as he jackhammers down into him. Then he throws him across the room, hangs him over the couch and drills him mercilessly as Kenny squirms and grunts underneath him. Tom doesn’t even hold off cumming to let Kenny unload first. He cums right in his ass and makes sure every drop is planted deep in him! Then it’s up to Kenny to kneel in front of Tom to get off. Being so worked up already, he cums in seconds and shoots his load all over Tom’s feet- drenching it from toe to heel! Then, like a good boy, licks it up.