Dixon Dicks Bradley

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Description: Once you see the first 30 seconds of this video, you’ll know you are in for a treat! Bradley could not possibly look more excited about the prospect of getting in to some action with Dixon, and Dixon looks like he can hardly hold back from having his way with Bradley. It’s remarkable to think that, the very first time Bradley came to shoot with us, he said he wasn’t the least bit interested in guy/guy action. Contrast that to his subsequently screaming out, “You’re going to make me cum!” while pounding another man’s ass and you have to think he’s glad he changed his mind and agreed to give guy/guy sex a shot. With his having discovered just how good action with another man can make you feel, it’s understandable just why Bradley seems so eager to get things going with Dixon here. For his part, Dixon also knows just what fun can be had with another big-dicked, hard-bodied young man. Both of these guys are fairly new to CF and guy/guy action in general, yet both have no problem whatsoever letting loose, embracing what feels good, and showing all of us they’re not only willing to get it on with another man but fully aware it can feel incredible!