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Brayden Bottoms Up - Dawson Fucks Brayden

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Duration: 21min 13sec Views: 8 693 Submitted: 3 years ago Submitted by:
Description: I’m sure many of you that have been fans of CorbinFisher for a while would agree there’s few better ways to welcome a new guy to Corbin Fisher than to unleash Dawson on them, and that’s precisely what Brayden discovers here. Granted, Brayden is no stranger to hot action at CF. He’s fucked and been fucked by a couple of our most popular guys, but here he’s being taken to a whole new level as he gets Dawson’s dick balls deep inside his flawless ass! Brayden has a priceless personality that is totally endearing, a body that seems to be getting more ripped and more buff each time we see him, and a dick and ass that were just made for hot sex! Combine all that with the incredible noises and facial expressions he makes when feeling good, and he’s a total treat to watch (not to mention a total treat to fuck, as I’m sure Dawson could attest to).