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Kellan & Kent Get Busy

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Duration: 22min 32sec Views: 16 840 Submitted: 3 years ago Submitted by:
Description: What better way for Kellan and Kent to get in the mood for some hot fucking than to watch a Corbin Fisher video? Granted, there’s something a tad bit funny about that video featuring Kellan as well (his super hot video with Scott!) but if it turns him on to see that, can you blame him? Moreover, can you blame Kent for getting a glimpse at what he’s in store for and finding himself all riled up and ready to go? Neither of these studs are content to just watch action, and both set out to fuck hard, deep, loud and fast in this video that ends with Kellan’s cock blasting a huge load up in to the air, and Kent coating Kellan in his own load!