Glenn - Solo

Duration: 17:51 Views: 4.6K Submitted: 6 years ago
Description: There are some guys that decide to get into porn for the money and there are guys, like Glenn, that just always were drawn to the adventure and sexuality of it. He always dreamt of filming himself in action and so when the opportunity presented itself – he was in! His experience in wrestling in high school, and now swimming, set him up to be an ideal candidate to show off his body on camera. He’s toned and strong, hairy in all the right places and knowledgeable about what’s working for him, Glenn uses this knowledge to get himself laid on a regular basis. He doesn’t have a girlfriend right now, but has no inclination to get himself one since he’s having no issues getting action! His package looks good when he strips down, with a pair of low hanging balls, and a nice cock. His dick grows from nice to super hot once we see it hard. It’s thick, curved, and sizeable. No wonder he has no problem having sex, that’s the type of dick you go back for!