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Todd Rosset & Dolph Lambert & Ariel Vanean

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Duration: 51min 03sec Views: 15 387 Submitted: 3 years ago Submitted by:
Description: The odd couple and their pool boy Todd, Dolph and Ariel in a hot new threeway. The sex scene of the month for February is the cover-scene for the Todd & Dolph DVD. The scene comes in three parts; In the first one (which is nonsexual) Todd and Dolph are showing us around the house they supposedly bought from their summer home video salary and boss around Ariel who is posing as their pool-boy - all in the best Hollywood tradition. Lost in the translation is the part where they talk about the pissoir they got as a gift from George Michael. Parts two and three are condom-free scenes where Ariel and Todd are taking their turns to bottom and eat all the cum available. The scene was shot by Marty Stevens shortly before Christmas but didn't make it into the Christmas schedule.