Philip fucks Trey

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Description: Today's scene with Philip and Trey is pretty hot for a couple of reasons … and not just for the intense chemistry between these guys. No, there are some surprises in store for CF fans! Trey talks about how Philip is a champ and they had a great time during the photo shoot. Neither can wait to take it to the next level. As Trey says, “Game on!” Philip eagerly kisses Trey. Their passion is intense. Trey bites Philip on the chin. These guys size each other up, and realize they both enjoy pushing each other's limits! Trey lets Philip take the lead. Philip sucks Trey's cock on the sofa. Trey massages Philip's dick with his foot. Philip reaches down and tells Trey he has a toy for him. He pulls out a dildo and lubes it up. Trey tells Philip this is going to make him really hard! We haven't used a toy like this in a long, long time. Not every guy is comfortable with that. But I know Trey loves to experiment. “You don't know how good this feels,” Trey says. Philip says it looks hot. And it does. Watching Philip slide it in and out of Trey's ass, getting him primed for what's coming. That anticipation may be what made the photo shoot so intense. Trey moans in ecstasy. Trey tells Philip his dick's going to feel better. Philip agrees. He slides his cock into Trey's waiting ass. He pumps it slowly at first, then rams Trey faster and faster. Philip pounds Trey hard. “Use that ass! Use that fucking ass!” Trey yells. Both of these studs are insanely worked up. Trey wants to get fucked doggy-style. But Philip says he wants to use the dildo first! He slides it into Trey's ass. “I like toys way more than I thought,” Trey says. Philip works the dildo in and out. Trey's cock is rock hard. Philip wants his turn. He shoves his dick back inside Trey. He pulls Trey's hips back onto his cock and fucks him hard. He smacks Trey's ass. Trey begs for him to keep fucking him. Trey's face has a huge smile on it as Philip jackhammers his ass. Trey tells him to put the toy in again. “I'm so fucking hard!” he laughs. Philip works it inside, teasing Trey with it. Philip's getting jealous of the toy, though! He lays down on the sofa and Trey rides his hot cock. Trey grinds up and down on Philip's dick. Trey squeezes his ass together, clamping down on Philip's cock. Philip groans deliriously at how great his cock feels inside Trey. Drilling up inside him, they are both yelling in ecstasy! Trey shoots all over Philip's stomach. Philip pulls out and drenches himself in cum. Trey says that was a fun ride. I don't think anyone would disagree!