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Description: Russ is getting ready to bottom for the first time, and is working out his anxiety by playing games on his tablet. Sean comes over and shows him a couple of different positions that he's done on the site. Russ says it looks like fun, so he and Sean head to the bedroom.Russ tells Pete he still has some nerves, but Sean says he'll break him in right – especially now that he's the “bottom-breaker.” Sean kisses Russ's chest, then tells him to suck on his nipple. Sean rubs Russ's cock through his underwear, then pulls out his dick and sucks it. Russ tells Sean it feels good. Sean stands on the bed and feeds Russ his stiff cock. Russ goes down on Sean, stroking his dick and sucking it. Sean gets Russ on his hands and knees. Sean eats out Russ' ass, driving his tongue into that virgin hole. Then Sean slides a finger into Russ, then two, getting him ready for his cock. Sean continues to play with Russ' hole. Sean eases into Russ. He goes all the way in. “Your dick's so big, ” Russ whispers as he gets fucked. Russ backs up to lean over the bed, and Sean slides back into him. Sean fucks him from behind, then Russ lies on his back so Sean can fuck him missionary-style. Russ' big dick is rock-hard as Sean pounds him. Sean and Russ lock eyes for a moment as Sean slowly and deliberately fucks his ass. Sean grinds against Russ, easing his cock back and forth and slightly side-to-side in Russ' tight ass. in Russ' tight ass. The guys kiss again. Sean holds Russ tightly as he fucks him. Sean kisses Russ' neck. Russ strokes his cock and almost immediately, he shoots his load all over his stomach. Sean pulls out and blasts his load on top of Russ'. Sean strokes their wet cocks together. The guys kiss again. Sean definitely showed us he really does know how to break-in a newbie!