Max & Mitch

Duration: 22:00 Views: 54K Submitted: 7 years ago
Description: Max has gotten more and more comfortable with himself as he "explores." I knew that I wanted to see him with Mitch. Max and Mitch have a lot of similar qualities, in both their personalities and looks. Their bodies and big and beefy! Sex with them would be like a meeting of the Titans! Both of them are sports fans who love football. So, we took them to the beach to get some sun and throw the ball around. They did some drills in the sand, played in the water and got a little competitive by seeing who could throw the ball the furthest. Once we got back inside, they started making out. It was really hot seeing Max's hairy body against Mitch's smooth physique! They 69'ed each other on the weight bench, and then Max started sucking Mitch’s balls and munching on his ass. Then they moved over to the ab bench, and Mitch bent Max over and dove in. Again, Max is a hairy guy and as soon as they started fucking you could see the sweat soaking his furry ass, legs and chest! They fucked on every piece of equipment in the gym — no lie. Apparently Mitch is becoming very experimental because they were in positions I’ve never seen before!