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Tomas Berger & Vasek Konik - Full Contact

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Duration: 29min 56sec Views: 8 327 Submitted: 4 years ago Submitted by:
Description: Tomas Berger and Vasek Konik come together in this screentest. Vasek is on the bed reading when Tomas arrives back from the gym and needs a massage. Vasek agrees to give him one and Tomas strips to his underwear and lays on the bed. Vasek then straddles him and oils his body and starts to massage the oil into his back. With his hands running all over Tomas' back Vasek soon pull the underwear off Tomas' ass to so that he can massage lower down. His hands work skilfully over Tomas, with the thumbs going deep into the muscles. The he massage the ass a while before having Tomas turn over so that he can work on the front. Vasek oils that hot body and works it in very well. He removes Tomas' underwear and turns his attention to his cock and balls. With his oily hands rubbing on the cock and balls Vasek is building up to something. Soon he has that cock in his mouth and is sucking on it. Tomas' cock it rock hard and Vasek sucks and wanks it. Then he moves to take off his own underwear. Tomas gets up on his knees too and they take hold of each other's cocks and wank them. With those cocks nice and hard Vasek takes them both in one hand and wanks them together as he also kisses on Tomas body. Vasek is the ready to go further, with Tomas really hard. So Vasek gets on his back and lifts his legs in the air, exposing his ass to Tomas. Tomas quickly slides his cock deep into that tight hole and fucks it nice and hard. Vasek loves that fucking, feeling that dick so deep inside him. He wanks himself as Tomas fucks his hot hole and soon he shoots a big creamy load all over his belly. Tomas continues to fuck that ass and has Vasek get into doggy position so he can fuck him some more. He works his cock in and out with long strokes and then pulls out and shoots his cum all over Vasek's ass. Then Tomas rubs his cock into that sticky cum, smearing it over Vasek's ass to end a very nice screentest.