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Mirek and Jakub - Full Contact

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Duration: 26min 22sec Views: 5 404 Submitted: 4 years ago Submitted by:
Description: We brought Mirek Ceslar and Jakub Nakuda together and it turned out to be a great idea. Jakub is the first one we see, and he is caressing his body, running his hands over his chest and groin. He sits on the bed and continues, as Mirek arrives and stand watching him for a while. Mirek has a big smile on his face, so clearly he has something in mind. He moves to the bed and kneels behind Jakub and begins to caress his body and kiss him. Jakub responds to Mirek's overtures and kisses him back. Mirek removes Jakub tee-shirt and begins to kiss his nipples and chest. Jakub then also kneels and removes Mirek's top giving access to his chest too. They spend some time, taking turns, in kissing each other, and licking and kissing the body, as the kneel facing each other. Next the remove each other's jeans, so they are just in their underwear and Jakub lays down on the bed. Mirek lays next to him, on his side, and they kiss some more as Jakub's hand takes Mirek's exposed cock in his hand. Mirek is also rubbing Jakub's cock thru his underwear. Mirek is keen to go further and removes Jakub's underwear and quickly goes down on his rock hard cock. Mirek is an expert cocksucker and he works his mouth over the cock sucking hard and as his head bobs up and down on it. Mirek then removes his own undies and kneels by Jakub's head, presenting his cock for sucking. Jakub obliges, sucking on that big cock and alos sucking the balls into his mouth. After the sucking Jakub moves down, and with Mirek's legs in the air, begins to rim his ass hole. His tongue laps at the hole, and then he begins to suck on Mirek's cock again. Soon Jakub wants even more and sits on that throbbing cock, sliding it deep in his ass. He rides that cock real well, bouncing up and down, and then letting Mirek take over, fucking his cock up the bumper chute as far as he can. Back to Jakub to ride again, he really works his ass onto Mirek's cock, riding it real well, Bouncing up and down, taking that shaft all the way in his ass. The guys change position, with Jakub on his knees, so Mirek can ride him doggy style. Mirek's dick slams into that eager hole, with his balls bouncing against it as he fucks. Jakub moans as he takes that cock, relishing every moment. They move to a spoon position and Mirek starts fucking Jakub again, with Jakub wanking on his cock as he takes Mirek's. Mirek moves again, kneeling on the bed with his dick deep in Jakub's ass. Jakub is wanking hard and fast as his ass takes Mirek's cock and very soon he starts moaning louder as he shoot a nice big load. Mirek continues to fuck that ass until he too is ready to dump his load. He moves to Jakub's head and and shoots his cum over his face. Jakub then takes that sticky cock in his mouth to clean it off completely. Mirek then lays down, next to Jakub, head to toe and they relax and fall asleep. What a lovely scene, from two very good models.