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Fostter Riviera & Joe Bexter

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Duration: 18min 46sec Views: 7 565 Submitted: 4 years ago Submitted by:
Description: Many of you already know german porn star Joe Bexter as the amazing top fucker he is. But sometimes he really loveS a big hard cock in his ass and a deep raw fuck. Best for this job is our new Portugese bareback twink Fostter Riviera. Fostter literally couldn't wait to get his dick in Joe, and the feeling was mutual--Joe was laid out flat on his back, mouth wide open for the topman. After letting the bonehound nurse hungrily on his cock for a while, Fostter flips Joe over and lubes up his ass with plenty of spit and a good tongue-fucking. When his throbbin' boner can't take it any longer, Fostter buries it deep in Joe's hole and pumps him full of seed.