Pavel & Jarek

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Description: I've noticed that Pavel takes some time to get to know whomever he's going to be fucking. Pavel is kind of cocky and he's very competitive, but he has a softer, more erotic side as well. Pavel was going to be getting a massage from Jarek to help loosen things up a bit. I was excited the moment I saw them both standing there naked — they both have beautiful bodies with just the right amount of hair! Jarek began by gently kissing Pavel's back while his cock lay rock hard in between Pavel's hairy butt cheeks. Pavel was both excited and nervous, as he was going to get fucked for the first time! Pavel looked so sexy with his legs in the air as Jarek's cock started to pump in and out of him... slow at first like he was being teased and then the pace got deep and hard. There was absolutely no doubt that Pavel was in a state of ecstacy. I had never heard him moan like that! Jarek was in the mood for versatility, though, and they decided to take turns fucking each another. Both of their hairy holes got fucked hard!