Grayson & Pavel

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Description: Sometimes I know when a guy just isn't going to bite when it comes to "trying more." You know, his boo hole is just out of bounds and he isn't budging! Then there are guys like Grayson. Grayson is a young aspiring model who let it be known right away that he has dabbled in the man sex. He's so damn energetic and full of spunk that I just knew right away he was going to be fun! "Sometimes I wanna fuck... Sometimes I wanna get fucked!" That's what he said last time. So I wanted to dial it in a little more: "So," I asked him nonchalantly. "Remember you said like to fuck and get fucked?" "Yeah," he replied with a big smile on his face. "Well," I said with a pregnant pause. "Where do you want to start." And to my astonishment he replied: "Well, I haven't been fucked in a long time." And there we had it! Pavel was the perfect choice for him. Bigger, taller, and a lot more hairy! In fact, Pavel hadn't been shaving in a while and was sporting a very sexy beard. With the muscles and the hair he was looking pretty damn good! I think they really liked each other. Grayson is a pretty vocal bottom!