Zaikel Ferrari & Gabriel Ferrari

Duration: 31:19 Views: 28K Submitted: 7 years ago
Description: Gabriel and Zaikel have been buddies since as far back as both can remember. Both are Cuban and at 24 years old are hot, handsome, built and very nicely endowed. They're here at to break into porn - straight porn, for, as they say ''the fuck and the money''. It's tough enough for Caruso to communicate with Zaikel, who has a pretty good grasp of the English language, but Gabriel is another story - some of his answers are not exactly matching the questions Caruso is asking, but they're so sexy and endearing that no matter what they say these two hot studs have our attention all the way through the shoot. They tell Caruso that they are roommates, so many times they wind up watching porn together and jack off next to each other - pretty hot. They also tell him that they double team ''together we fuck'', and we wouldn't mind seeing that either. We get both boys stripped down and their bodies are very different, but one is as hot as the other - it just depends on the viewer's preferences. Caruso goes to get the girl, but of course she's not available for the video shoot. We are surprised by the guys' reactions to that news - not so endearing now - as Zaikel goes off on Caruso about taking the day off from work to be at the studio and losing that money. So, Caruso gives him the alternative - having sex with his buddy.