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Soft Duos: Libor And Mirek

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Duration: 34min 34sec Views: 7 198 Submitted: 4 years ago Submitted by:
Description: In another great Dream Set we have Mirek Madl and Libor Kenda with a soft duo. Mirek is at his desk leafing through a brochure when Libor arrives to discuss a shelving unit issue. As Libor leans over the sofa to check the unit Mirek enjoys looking as his sexy ass. He walks over and begins to feel the ass, telling Libor how good it looks. Libor stands and they each get bare-chested and kiss. Libor removes his jeans releasing his big cock, and leans back on the sofa with his legs up. Mirek then as the ass he was admiring available to him. So his tongue is quickly lapping at the tight hole and Libor wanks himself. Mirek really rims the hole and soon as Libor on his knees with the ass spread for more tongue action. Libor's heavy balls dangle below his ass asd the tongue does its' work. Mirek cant get enough of the tight hole and moves Libor onto the floor, with his legs up onto his chest. That sexy ass is spread so wide and Mirek is working it with his tongue for all he is worth. Then he moves Libor to lay down on his back. He kisses him and then drips honey onto that sexy chest. Mirek licks the honey off and puts more onto Libor's nipples and arm pits. He sucks the nipples to get the honey and then moves to lick up the sweetened armpits. Enjoying that sweet honey Mirek then puts Libor onto his knees again and drips the sweet and sticky nectar onto that tight hole. His tongue again laps at the hole, tasting the hot, sweetness. Libor sits up and they kiss again before he lays back again to expose his hole for more honeyed tongue action. Mirek then lays on the sofa and Libor kneels over him to wank him hard and fast. His big hand wanks Mirek's throbbing cock so hard and fast and it quickly forces the hot cum right out of the dick. Libor milks every last drop of hot cum out of that cock and then leans over to kiss Mirek. Libor wants to cum too and they both stand up. Libor wanks his massive cock as Mirek feels all over his hot body. It is not long before Libor shoots his cum onto a plate and then turning to kiss Mirek again. In the shower they help each other wash up, with Libor giving Mirek's dick a nice piss wash. Mirek returns the favor too to end a lovely Dream Set.