Oleg Makarov - EROTIC SOLO

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Description: Oleg Makarov is aged 19 and lives in Plzen. This hot and handsome straight guy is a student who enjoys sports, soccer and boxing. He looks so good as he sits on the edge of the bed for his interview. He reveals that he has been thinking about sexy with another guy, and maybe would like to try it. Then Oleg stands and starts to feel his body, through his clothes. He lifts his tee shirt to show off his sexy chest. He removes the tee shirt and we see that hot body as he slips a hand into his pants to grope himself. He rubs over his chest and then slides his pants down, showing off his hardening, and big, cock. With the pants off Oleg lays on the bed and grabs his stiff cock to wank it. One hand wanks the cock as the other feels all over his body. Then both hands are on the cock at the same time, pulling at it. He keeps wanking for a while and then lifts his legs and shows off his hairy ass. Oleg reaches for the ass and pulls the cheeks apart to show off his hot, hairy, hole. Thenhe wanks the cock some more and stands up to do it. The camera gives a great view from below as Oleg wanks, looking down at us. His cock is released and Adam thrust his hips making the dick bob up and down. Then he grabs it again and wanks it hard until he shoots his creamy load all over the floor. Then Oleg goes off to the shower to clean up.