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Brayden Gets Fucked

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Duration: 22min 21sec Views: 5 734 Submitted: 4 years ago Submitted by:
Description: Since Tom is sitting right here charging his phone, I'll let him tell you a little bit about this update … “It was Brayden's first bottom scene and it was awesome being the one to go where no man has gone before!” Tom and Brayden got to hang out a little bit before we shot this and got to know each other. “I had time to comfort him and let him know it would be okay LOL,” Tom said. That is what's great about Tom – he is one of the nicest guys we have here and he is always joking around. That always puts the new guys at ease. Another thing Tom did that put Brayden at ease, was an intense toe session. “Once I put my foot on his dong and started playing with it, we just went to town on each other's feet. It was hot!” How was it when he first got on your dick? “ Really mother-effing tight! Just watch his face and you can tell. I took it nice and slow though.” Brayden shot a HUGE load. “That's cause he came from getting fucked! LOL!” So, Tom … does Brayden get a crack at you next time? “I'm always down for a good time!” Thanks, Tom! Enjoy this scene – I know Tom and Brayden did!