Apprentice Fucked by his Boss

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Description: Apprenti baisé par son boss 2016 Today, Chris Loan welcomes a new apprentice in his workshop. It’s the young Paul Delay, 19, who is responsible for painting, but of course the twink chooses the wrong color, and Chris has to make him pay for his mistake! In a few seconds Paul’s ends with the huge cock of Chris in the mouth and gets to licking and sucking it. Chris is full of energy and he’s very excited by these oral preliminaries, he takes Paul, undresses him a quickly and throws himself on this ass. First he sticks his tongue into the small hole of the boy, then one finger, then two, he spits in and once the orifice is well opened up he takes out his cock, which is ready to explode and penetrates it bluntly. Paul gets fucked standing at first and he’s moaning loudly. Chris is fucking Paul stronger and harder, he spanks his bottom and totally submits the twink to his desires. Paul concludes by riding the cock of Chris doing a back and forth action over the entire length of his dick before getting a masterful facial cum-shot. The feel of this warm cum shower on his face will bring Paul to cum instantly.