Miles Gets Fucked 2016

Duration: 22:14 Views: 32K Submitted: 8 years ago
Description: I’ll have to admit, I had given up hope that Miles would ever bottom. He’s a talented top with a nice dick so I wasn’t really complaining, but I asked him anyway- just in case. Good thing I’m a gambling man! Not only does Miles decide to go all the way- he’s giving it up to the stud that introduced him to CF! Kellan remembers Miles cock very well, and it doesn’t take Miles to remember his mouth- but soon they’re making new, steamy memories! The face of awe and surprise that Miles makes when he first gets penetrated just proves my conviction that he’d love it if he just gave it shot. Kellan’s dick feels so good and presses into spots he didn’t know he had. Miles gives himself completely to Kellan, and in return, gets to experience something new and wonderfully satisfying about his own sexuality!