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Dirk Jager & Matthieu Paris

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Description: Scene begins in the palace of the Sheik, played wonderfully by RSS exclusive Dirk Jager. He is in his boudoir with his concubine (Matthieu Paris), a room richly furnished with silks, gold, and lush carpets. The sheik is cruel to those he does not like, and he lavishes all of his sexual prowess on Matthieu. A violent oral scene sets the tone, with Matthieu gagging furiously as he tries to take Dirk's long cock. Dirk's washboard abs (he was trained as an Olympic gymnast) strain as he thrusts his dick down an open throat. But the Sheik is not interested in just a blowjob--he throws his fuck toy over on the bed and delivers powerful strokes that Matthieu can barely take. Arabian cum soon erupts from both dicks. Huessein, the leader of the tomb robbers, enters the room to report that he and his men had lost the statue to the Americans. The sheik is none too pleased, but reports of the plane crash give him hope. He gathers his soldiers and they set off through the desert in search of the wreckage. He will not be double-crossed and he is eager for revenge.