Luke Creampies Tobias 2015

Duration: 26:47 Views: 8.0K Submitted: 6 years ago
Description: On and off cameras, Luke and Tobias are inseparable, mercilessly flirting with each other regardless of who’s around them. At any time you can find the two off together, laughing at their inside jokes and extending touches just long enough to make you wonder what if it means more than they’re letting on. They even bought themselves matching underwear! Of course I want to see how this chemistry plays out onscreen! So we get the cameras rolling and let them have free reign on each other. The sparks are obvious as soon as their lips touch. Tobias rides Luke’s cock doggystyle, moaning over how good his big dick feels. Tobias shows himself to be a true power bottom, bouncing up and down on Luke, which drives Luke wild! Then it’s Luke’s turn to show off. Tobias lies on his back and Luke teases him, fucking him slowly but deep to savor every moment in him. After Tobias has shot his load, Luke deposits his seed in his ass!