Marc Pounds Kellan

Duration: 24:16 Views: 7.6K Submitted: 5 years ago
Description: Hot and hungry for each other, Marc and Kellan get together for a steamy rendezvous. They take their time making out and adoring their bodies before Kellan pulls out Marc’s dick put in his mouth. Not one to be shy, Marc moans and aches for more. With a smile on his face, he gets down on his knees to get a taste of Kellan’s thick hard cock. Kellan pushes his head down as he pulls on Marc’s hair, thrusting deeply into Marc’s grateful mouth. Bending Kellan over on the bed for a wet rim job, Marc plays squeezes Kellan’s plump cheeks and sticks his entire finger in his ass to tease at what’s to come. Marc then plows into Kellan as deep as he can go, first on his side, then missionary, ending in doggy style. They look into each other’s eyes and completely savoring each moment up to and after Kellan and him have both burst their loads!