Connor & Brant Fuck Terry

Duration: 19:22 Views: 15K Submitted: 8 years ago
Description: We are no strangers to requests from fans, but when shy and attractive Terry contacted us to help him fulfill his horny fantasy to be completely owned, used, and fucked by two of the biggest cocked jocks we have on our roster- there was no way we could turn that down! So we brought in Connor and Brant to put their stud skills and massive dicks on full display and give Terry what he wants. Being in the presence of the two tall alpha males, Terry finds himself a bit overwhelmed and anxious to become their toy for the afternoon. So first the guys ease him into it by kissing his body down to the toes as they get undressed and get him naked- but that only lasts till their cocks are revealed. Then it’s his job to listen to everything they say! Connor has him bend over and suck his long cock down to the hilt while Brant toys with his ass to get it ready for the thrashing it’s going to get! As he pleasures Connor, Brant takes him Terry from behind. They then switch, and Terry bobs on Brant’s shaft as Connor fills his hole. Lying on his back, Terry’s takes Connor full on and can’t keep his eyes off Connor’s dick when Connor unloads on him and passes him on to his friend. Brant finishes Terry off then adds a third layer of cum onto their fun and dirty toy of the afternoon.