Dillon 2015 Solo

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Description: Meeting Dillon was really interesting and pleasant experience. He’s very well spoken for a guy in his early twenties, with a great sense of style, and a personality that fools you. He’s equally comfortable with silence but, if engaged, is a talented conversationalist. In his interview with Pete, he’s completely open about every topic- no matter how intimate! Yet as great of a speaker as he may be, we’re all at the edge of our seats to see more of his body. From his arms alone, we know it’ impressive. When he takes his shirt off, we are not disappointed! His body is a perfect blend of chisel and build. His abs are always on full display and he’s incredibly well proportioned- including his nice dick! The camera circles around his entire body as he rubs himself, heavily breathing, both teasing and pleasing the viewers. His body starts shaking and an, “Oh fuck,” sneaks out as two days of cum shoots out of his long and solid cock.