Jay Renfro, Alex Steven & Michael Shade

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Description: World Cups come and World Cups go - but the one thing you can be absolutely sure of is that the Germans will always be at the very centrepiece of the action. A fact that even seems to hold sway here, when the ever-hormy Michael Shade teams up with Jay Renfro and Alex Steven for a terrific spitroasting threesome that will appeal to anyone who's ever fantasised about what their favourite footie stars get up to in their more private moments. Renfro gets the ball rolling – excuse the pun – when he makes a beeline for the contents of Steven’s shorts whilst the two of them are sitting in a dugout; but needless to say it’s not long before Shade’s keen Teutonic eyes spot what’s going on from across the training field. As a result, all three lads are quickly engaged in an oral conga – slurping on all the prime meat now on offer like a pack of hungry wolves. It’s a splendid sight for anyone who likes guys in football shirts getting down and dirty; but it’ll probably come as no surprise to anyone who knows their gay porn that it’s not quite enough for Renfro, who then takes the first opportunity going to get his arse-chole stretched by plonking himself straight on Shade’s handsome German dick! Clearly unwilling to miss out on any of the action, Steven then persuades Renfro to get on all fours so that he can ram his aching shaft up the horny lad’s fuck-hole, whilst Shade shoves his knob down the lad’s throat! Given the sheer intensity of the performance, it’s perhaps not at all surprising that all the cocks on offer are soon spraying copious amounts of hot, sticky spunk in celebration!