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Rafael Carreras and Shane Frost

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Duration: 35min 47sec Views: 7 760 Submitted: 4 years ago Submitted by:
Description: The interview with Michael Lucas that precedes Cuban pornstar Rafael Carreras and bottom hunk Shane Frost is a tease of what’s soon to come. The boys talk, but when Rafael sets his sights on a hot bottom, he doesn’t like to wait around. Their tongues mingle and play before Rafael pulls down Shane’s underwear and grabs his huge cock and fingers his tight hole. Rafael teases Shane’s cock, but the experience bottom is curious about what Rafael is packing away in his white briefs. When the big, spicy, uncut Latin dick finally pops out, is disappears down Shane’s throat of a wet and deep blowjob. Rafael wants to ensure that Shane is ready for his cock, so he loosens his bottom up first with a wet, invasive rimjob, and Shane loves every second of the intimate attention. Rafael teases Shane before having him sit right down on the cock, and he steps up to the challenge by bouncing and riding on Rafael’s cock, which the Cuban loves. Rafael only enjoys being with bottoms who know how to handle what he’s packing, and Shane makes sure he comes to an explosive cumshot!