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Brayden Tops Ellis

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Description: It’s been a while since we’ve seen Brayden, but long-cocked Brant knew just the welcome wagon that he’d love, namely, himself! Both guys are completely ripped! It’s obvious that they take care of themselves and have put time in at the gym. The light through the window highlights their abs that seem to go for days, their chiseled silhouettes, and their juicy cocks! Brayden tastes Brant’s dick first and sucks his cock down deep, making for a wet blowjob. Then it’s Brant’s turn and Brayden stands, basking in the light, while stuffing his dick into Brants face. Yet the minute he saw Brant’s dick, Brayden knew exactly what he wanted- that hearty rod balls deep in his ass! He gets just that and it’s so good that his orgasm comes suddenly when Brant hits his spot. Spraying his cum everywhere, Brayden smiles up at Brant as he unloads, grateful for the exact welcoming that he had hoped for!