Dawson Takes Colt's Load

Duration: 21:15 Views: 27K Submitted: 5 years ago
Description: Muscles and hard dicks abound when energetic Colt wants to release some sexual tension on Dawson. Not too long ago Dawson fucked Colt for the Dean’s List challenge, where he got a close and intimate look at how hot and fit his body had become. Being an athletic jock himself, Dawson really admires any guy who can step it up to that level, and what better way to show your admiration than to service his perfect body? Dawson gladly makes his ass available to be taken, and Colt plunges in as deep as he can. It’s been a while since Dawson’s bottomed and Colt’s big thick rod is a lot to take in, but after some aggressive thrusts Dawson remembers how good it feels it to be penetrated- and proceeds to cum incredibly hard! His jizz shoots out onto his face and rains down his body. He’s left completely spent and full of cum, because while face, chest, and stomach is coated with his load, his hole is stuffed with Colt’s!