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Naked Eye

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Duration: 25min 31sec Views: 7 643 Submitted: 4 years ago Submitted by:
Description: Theres always that guy at the office who you can help staring at - or at least you try not to get caught staring, but sometimes your fantasies are so vivid that you go in to a daydream and risk the guy asking you what your problem is. Matthew Anders has just that problem and its no surprise as his co-worker in Emir Boscatto. With his talk masculine presence, and the way his hard muscular body fills out a suit, Emir was never going to escape Matthews longing gaze, especially as he works in the next office divided only by glass. At every stare Matthew goes in to his own fantasy bubble and undresses Emir with his eyes. We literally see what Matthew is thinking in his dirty little mind, showing us visions of Emir naked at his desk or at the photocopier stroking his cock and teasing Matthew. But where as in real life this would probably come to nothing, Matthews dream becomes reality when hi confronts Emir in the board room and Emir pulls him in for the kiss! Lucky Matthew finally feels that real cock right inside him from his perfect fantasy man - Emir Boscatto, Matthew Anders