Colt McGraw Fucks Brandon Anderson

Duration: 11:36 Views: 13K Submitted: 4 years ago
Description: I have to start off by giving a shout out to Brandon for giving it up for the big cocks. He didn’t have a hole lot of experience bottoming before his first scene with us but he without him, I would have had a couple of straight guys with big dicks and neither of them willing to take it up the ass. (That always cums in time but I play along with them anyway). I was a little nervous about this scene because Colt had only had one prior scene with a guy and he was obviously nervous. Then throw Brandon in the equation with his adorable face but he obviously didn’t know what he was signing up for. Well the greatest thing about this work is that you get to try out new things and witness guys pushing their comfort zones. M As far as I’m concerned, Colt is one of the hottest models we’ve filmed here at Southern Strokes. Not only is he hot but he is smart and a really good guy. That’s what you have to love about these boys raised in the south. Just take a look at Colt’s face and you can watch him find that happy place and kick back and enjoy Brandon worshiping his body. I didn’t measure Colt’s cock but I’m guessing a good 8 ½” and thick. If you want to question that, just take a look at Brandon’s face and listen to Brandon yell as Colt drills his manhood deep into Brandon’s moist hole. At one point Brandon was squeezing Colt’s muscle ass to fight off the paid of Colt’s hard rod deep inside him. Colt unleashes a huge steam of cum all over Brandon’s back as they both relax from this intense pounding.