Blowing Colt

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Description: I personally think that a hot guy giving a hot guy a blow job is as good as it gets. My favorite Southern Strokes' videos are the straight boys that are ready and willing and filming their first real thug on guy sex. The minute he took his shirt off, I knew we were walking down that road with Colt. I love to tie a boy up and blindfold him when it's his first time. As you can see by Colt's throbbing hard cock, it's a major turn on for them not knowing what coming next. The only thing that makes this even better, is throw in a hungry hottie named Tyler West with some of the best oral skills a man can find. Colt not only didn't say a word but he barely moved a muscle. It is such a fucking turn on watching Tyler naked with his hard cock flapping as he swallows Colt's massive manhood. Tyler started licking and kissing the helpless Colt's neck as he worked his way down to Colt's cock and balls. Colt finally let out a moan as his ripped body convulsed and he unleashed a huge load of hot cum. There's still a lot more to watch! Check out Tyler tasting and playing with Colts juices and them we all discover that our tied up stud is very ticklish. You can add the results of this blow job to confirm that guys give better head. Just ask Colt.