Kent & Kenny Get Wet

Duration: 15:49 Views: 5.7K Submitted: 5 years ago
Description: The blonde, buff, boys-next-door are back on Corbin Fisher to have some fun in the sun, show off their ripped bodies, get a little wet – and of course a little dirty! Starting off out by the pool, Kenny pulls down Kent’s shorts and goes down on him right there and then! Tonguing his nuts, he swallows his head and shaft nice and deep! As thrilling as it is to hook up outside in the open, what Kent has in mind for Kenny can’t risk being disrupted! They head to the casita where Kent strokes and sucks Kenny’s cock. Kenny then presents his needy ass for Kent’s big dick to fill. Kent is known to be aggressive, but that’s what Kenny was betting on! From behind, under, and top Kent pumps with all he’s got and fucks a giant and loud load out of Kenny that smothers his entire stomach. Kent then jumps up and squats of Kenny’s face to finish him off with a messy facial!