Vince - Solo 2015

Duration: 16:39 Views: 5.1K Submitted: 6 years ago
Description: Vince is a horny guy that has an endless supply of surprises on Corbin Fisher. He likes jerking off and getting laid – and he is not at all shy to talk about all of it – from losing his virginity in the backseat of a luxury car to his deep seeded fantasy of hooking up with an ex-girlfriend’s mom! His outgoing personality is attractive but the magic of his appeal kicks into high gear when he takes his shirt off. This guy has an amazing body. He’s tan, completely fit with abs for days – he even has that tantalizing trail of hair that draws your eyes down to his bulging boxers. Vince‘s body is a great surprise – but wait till you see his cock! No wonder he has to jack off his morning wood, he’d never get anything done with that giant dick of his drawing way too much attention! Even with his two hands wrapped around it, his head still pokes out. He breathes heavy and fantasizes about the hot sex. When he unloads, the thick white cum lands on that gorgeous trail of hair. His dick remains hard and we wonder how many more of these he has in him!