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Jordan - Solo 2015

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Description: Jordan came to Corbin Fisher directly from a competing at a bodybuilding competition. He is a man that is into fitness and his body reflects it the hard work he puts into sculpting each muscled. Yet, when you meet him you see that he’s anything but an aggressive meathead. He has a big brilliant smile, laughs easily, and has a welcoming personality. Yet when it comes to the bedroom Jordan is all about control. A night out for him means that’s he’s on the prowl to get laid, and he has no problem accomplishing that mission! Jordan is a strong guy with a killer body, hot tattoos and a nice thick cock to boot! We gladly sit back and letting Jordan put on a show of a whole different kind of muscle workout. He flexes as he works his hand back and forth to get a nice lift, stretching the skin tight around his hard swollen muscle for dripping hot ending!