Micky and Terry

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Description: Fratmen Terry isn't new to idea of taking sexuality in different directions, but this is his first time hooking up with the other twin brother! We recall early in Terry's time experimenting with his bi-curious side, he paired up with Marshall and not long after, Ajay as well. Might we note, that was one hot gym scene between those two! Surely he has had his fair share of experiences even since that day but, today we find Terry has crossed path's with Ajay's twin brother, Micky! The good thing about Terry and Micky is they both have very adequate sized cock's and gorgeous physiques. The only thing just about better than those characteristics, is how comfortable they seem with each other, physically that is and never having met. What must happen now is that we critique the performances between Terry and Ajay with that of Micky and Terry to decide who they indeed really are more comfortable being with!