Payne 2015 Solo

Duration: 13:34 Views: 4.9K Submitted: 5 years ago
Description: The name definitely should not give any type of indication of what kind of guy Payne is, because he was an absolute pleasure! He’s very outgoing and loves meeting new people and being the life of a party. He’s a very social guy with many interests including basketball, partying, and working out like a fiend. It’s hard to see how the muscled hunk was once a “twig” but he said that before he started dedicating himself in the gym he was a tiny little thing. Well tiny no longer! Payne has big well-formed and proportionate muscles, with a bit of hair covering them, a trimmed bush with full, low-hanging balls and a long thick dick! Payne typically jerks off a minimum of seven days a week, and although it’s not usually in front of a camera, he likes showing off and so has no problems stroking that nice cock of his for all of our viewing pleasure- thrusting harder and gripping tighter until he’s shot out a hot load. Enjoy!