Elder Harward - INSPECTION

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Description: Meet Elder Harward! When Patriarch Smith was called upon to give a talk at a Missionary conference, there was a certain young man near the front row that caught his attention. It was more than just his handsome good looks and the way he filled out his clothes; the room was full of fit, young, attractive men. All of them wearing white shirt and tie. But this Missionary was not paying attention, he seemed to be looking around the room at all the other missionaries. During the lunch break the Patriarch looked for the young man again, and noticed the obvious bulge in his pants as he was checking everyone out, the same way in that he himself was eyeing him up and down. Patriarch Smith knew he had to get the boy out of there before he got into too much trouble. An immediate transfer was arranged, and soon as the boy arrived at the new mission home he was scheduled to meet with Bishop Angus. The Bishop seems to have a gift for getting hot men out of their clothes and legs in the air for a thorough inspection. The new Missionary recruit, Elder Harward, seemed to enjoy himself, and so Bishop Angus took his time with the boy. This means extra footage for everyone to enjoy his playfulness, sexy body, firm erection, and good ball slapping performance.