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Description: When I was in highschool, the missionaries showed up at the door.” Long story short, my entire family was baptized. A year later I went to BYU for a semester before entering the Provo MTC as “Elder” Gonzalez.” Called to a Spanish-speaking mission, he was in and out of the MTC quickly. In a matter of weeks he and his cohort were heading to the mission field to meet their greenie trainers. His was Elder Pratt. Assuming they get along, most missionaries develop a special relationship with their first companion in the field. A missionary relies on their trainer to teach them everything about that mission. Crushes on trainers are common, and Gonzalez certainly had a crush on Elder Pratt…and Pratt knew it. As these things go, it started off quite innocently. Eventually, however, Elder Pratt had encouraged Elder Gonzalez to do more than just snuggle with him in bed. Elder Gonzalez knew it was taboo, but he didn’t say or do anything that might bring an end to all the affection and attention he was getting. Understandably, he wasn’t prepared when the AP (Assistant to the President), Elder Miltmore, showed up unannounced at their apartment 3 weeks into his mission…with the mission president. “Don’t worry,” Elder Miltmore told him, “you’re not in trouble.” But clearly that was not the message being sent to Elder Pratt. And just like that, Elder Gonzalez was flown to the mission home and evaluated by Patriarch Smith. And it seemed like Elder Gonzalez never stopped blushing. “I heard it’s a bit of a challenge, but thinking about being naked on the thing called the priesthood stretcher is unbelievably exciting. I’ve had a boner ever since I got here!” - Patriarch Smith, Elder Gonzalez