Patriarch Smith discovered, Harward

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Description: Patriarch Smith discovered Elder Harward at Mission Conference, and took him to the mission home immediately. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the brethren and a recruit react to each other that way. Within minutes of his arrival, the bishop stripped the missionary in his private quarters, and inspected him. Later that day, he was stripped again and disciplined by Patriarch Smith. The more submissive and willing a young recruit was, the more likely the brethren were to put his obedience and commitment to the test. Smith was scheduled to leave the following morning, but he and Elder Harward were inseparable. I wasn’t terribly surprised by the news that the Elder would spend two weeks as the Patriarch’s traveling companion, while Smith finished rounding the Area Zone Conferences. They just returned this afternoon. In preparation for his ordination, Smith requested the brethren schedule a follow-up evaluation…but in the private East Wing of the Mission Home, where a group of nine ordained brothers were renovating the Ordination and Sealing rooms. Elder Harward had no choice but to weave through the construction, passing brawny brethren working in the East Wing. The brothers playfully groped the Elder as he walked by, but it didn’t stop there. The Patriarch had to come out into the hall and put an end to their fun. This was another test of the young man’s obedience. Consequently, there was very little by way of ceremony or explanation. Seconds after the evaluation started, Elder Harward’s clothes came off. He found himself completely aroused as the Patriarch man-handled him, when the Patriarch reached inside his garments and stroked him… When the Patriarch, filled with lust, finally took him to bed, Harward felt amazing as he gave in and let himself get pounded, good and hard.