Elder Rex - Inspection

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Description: Doesn’t it say somewhere in the scriptures that a person must always have pure and moral thoughts, and that therefore immoral thoughts are a sin? Elder Rex knew that having impure thoughts about Bishop Angus was wrong, but he could not help it, the memory of having sex with the Bishop during his inspection just kept circling through his mind. When Elder Rex repented for his transgression, he admitted that he had been horny all day. He woke up with a throbbing erection that just would not go away, and he tried his best to simply ignore his angst and lustful desires. But how? He took a cold shower and dressed quickly for the day, shoving his fat cock in his holy underwear and then slowly zipping up around it. He made breakfast and did some exercise, and finally sat down for personal study to read the wholesome book. But the memory of Bishop Angus’ big cock deep inside him would not stop, and the need for sexual release was constantly nagging at him. “I will just touch it for a minute,” he admitted to thinking. But then that led to unzipping his pants to let it breathe and to release the pressure. “I will just give it a couple soft, slow strokes.” He then thought to himself. But once that happened, his natural desires took hold of him and he could to stop stroking his hard dick. He wanted it more than anything, he wanted to feel his juice build and work its way up his cock, he wanted to feel the Bishop fuck him, hard, and he wanted to cum. And he did. He emptied out his nut sac and came in quick squirts that covered his chest and undergarments, the last of it oozed out and ran down the side of his cock to his balls. “I know it is wrong,” he said moments later in the Bishop’s office, the scent of fresh cum still on his body. “But if felt so good and I will do it again. I don’t care if you do punish me.”